WuBook Javascript Library
Eventually, put it inside
your <head/> tag
<script src="https://wubook.net/js/wblib.jgz"></script>
put the following div where WuBook
should be designed. Make sure to
preserve the div contents (backlink)
<div id="_wbord_">
<a href="https://en.wubook.net/" style="display: block; margin-top: 5px; text-decoration:none;border:none" target="_blank">
<img src="https://wubook.net/imgs/default/booking_by_wu.gif" alt="http://en.wubook.net/" title="Hotel and tourism solutions" style="border:none;text-decoration:none" />
Initialize the WuBook Object.
Collect params settings.
Call WuBook.design_widget().Notice WuBook Object provides a
lot of interesting features.
var WuBook= new _WuBook(1432041228);
var wbparams= {
lang: '',
dates: 1,
layout: 'easthotel',
width: 200,
wbgoogle: 1,
bids: 1,
height: 'auto',
cards: 1,
bgcolor: '#E7F2E7',
email: 1,
css: '',
failback_lang: 'en',
cancel: 1,
textcolor: '#002eba',
bestprice: 1,
default_nights: 1
WuBook.design_widget("_wbord_", wbparams);
that's all 🙂
Thank you for using WuBook!

Welcome to Hotel Plaza, Paysandú Uruguay. Our hotel

offers an excellent level of service, amenities and accommodation,

in addition to a central location, very convenient for guests

business and leisure travelers.

Rooms of the Hotel Plaza

Our services

Hotel Plaza offers all the services you need




35 Rooms




Air conditioner


Breakfast buffet


Tax free for foreign tourists


Room service

Video Tour

Upcoming events

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